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Can athletes predict the future in a physical sense? That’s what scientists are looking at when it comes to that special “X-factor” that allows one to perform better than others. Everyone wants to know how Felix manages the magnitude of a skydive from 120,000 ft.. It’s a fact that he is very well trained for this project and carries decades of experience executing successful, often tremendously challenging BASE jumps.

When asked about the Red Bull Stratos mission Felix has said, “Breaking the speed of sound in freefall is a pioneering effort and being a pioneer requires risk. I don’t have to put myself in danger to be happy. But I have to have a challenge. This is the ultimate skydive.”

As discussed in this Scientific American article, athletes seem to activate a special area of the brain that allows them to win every competition and carry out goals with precision. What do you think? Send your comments/questions to: askstratos@redbullstratos.com or Tweet #askstratos.



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