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It’s an exciting time for all who love space. The Mars Curiosity rover landed on Mars last night 10:31 p.m. PDT (1:31 a.m. EDT Aug. 6). Although the Red Bull Stratos mission objective focuses on pressurized space suit mobility and emergency egress, we have a few goals in common with the Curiosity rover. Let’s compare facts and figures:

  • It takes 7 minutes for the rover to get from the top of Mars’ atmosphere to the surface.
  • Felix Baumgartner will freefall for 5 1/2 minutes from the stratosphere @ 120,000 ft before opening his parachute.
  • The rover had to travel a distance of 54.6 million km or 33,926,867.096 miles to reach Mars.
  • Felix will travel 23 miles up (120,000 feet) before jumping from his pressurized space capsule.
  • A camera on the bottom of the Curiosity rover will continually capture images 2 minutes before landing on Mars and returns those images back to earth with a 14 minute delay.
  • The Red Bull Stratos in-flight cameras instantly return images to mission control with the following equipment:

Nine high-definition cameras.

Three 4K (4,000 x 2,000-pixel) digital cinematography cameras.

Three high-resolution digital still cameras.

Pressurized electronics “keg” containing more than 125 electronic components and approximately two miles of wiring.



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